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About Paper Hope

What sets Paper Hope apart from other outreach programs?

Paper Hope is different from other outreach programs because we provide a safe multigenerational environment for women to openly share and discuss issues that affect them. Providing a multigenerational platform for relationships and mentorship to happen organically offers a space to connect, learn and grow.


Our Paper Hope community aims to foster women of all generations so that there is mentorship in both directions; aged to younger AND younger to aged. The authenticity of our conversations open the doors for discussions to be had that otherwise are not had. Our content has included topics like emotional resilience, problem-solving, financial literacy, women’s health, self-harm, suicide, college and family planning. Nothing is off limits and nothing is taboo. We want every woman to feel safe.  

Real Conversations. Teaching Life Skills. Building Community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support women and girls by providing resources to help them live more authentically and with more happiness.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is for women and girls in our community to have access to free classes, expert lead roundtable discussions, workshops and events that will offer the opportunity to discuss, share and learn life skills.

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