Paper Hope 30 Day Emotional Resilience Challenge

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  • Monday | January 1, 2018 to Wednesday | January 31, 2018
  • 12:00 am

Paper Hope 30 Day Emotional Resilience Challenge: Sign Up!

Join Paper Hope’s 30 Day Emotional Resilience Challenge and start training your brain to witness more of the good things in your life. You can capture your observation with a photograph, a journal entry, a poem, a painting, a video.

Any form of expression is accepted as proof.

I have designed this challenge to help us live with more happiness while understanding we are surrounded by and experiencing all types of emotions and feelings; many at the same time.

What is emotional resilience?

Emotional resilience is the ability to adapt positively in situations of adversity such as trauma, tragedy and any gamut of stressful situations such as relationship, workplace and financial stress.

Having emotional resilience we have the ability to better cope with these more negative situations.

Regardless of how sensitive or prone to heavy emotions we are, there are ways to change and strengthen our emotional resilience. All of us will struggle at different points in our lives to work through negative and stressful situations.

Emotional resilience can be learned and improved regardless of the level of natural resilience we are born with.

The Challenge

We are going to take the next thirty days to work on building our emotional resilience. It will only take a few moments each day to put our focus on the precious, special, and often missed positive moments in our lives.

Daily Prompts

During the challenge we will have a new prompt every day. I will email you a new prompt daily at midnight so you will have the prompt first thing in the morning.

The prompt will point you to our daily observation goal.

For example, Day 1 will ask you to look for evidence of love.

No Perfectionism

No overthinking. No perfectionism. Any and all evidence collected is what will satisfy the prompt. You can take as much or as little time on each prompt. Your time commitment is up to you. What is important is that you show up every day and practice seeing all that is around you.

You Are Not Alone

And not to worry. I will provide examples and have a daily back pocket tools to share if you get stuck.

We are doing this together.

The challenge is free and is for anyone who could use more positivity in their lives.

We are going to feel our way through our thirty days together. I am so glad you are here and that we are going to do this together!


Who we are:

Paper Hope is an official Arizona based 501c3 nonprofit. Our mission is to support women and girls by providing resources to help them live more authentically and with more happiness. Our goal is to provide women a safe place to be heard, learn and practice new life skills. This challenge is purposefully designed to help you cultivate a new life skill to live with more happiness.

Your challenge host:

Tamra Wade is the founder and president of Paper Hope. She is the mother to two daughters, one adult daughter who just graduated college and one younger daughter in middle school. She is a full time student at Northern Arizona University where she is pursuing her psychology and sociology credentials. When finished she will be a licensed counselor whose primary focus will be creating programs and helping those surviving childhood sexual abuse. Tamra is member of RAINN‘s National Speakers Bureau where she shares her experience as an incest survivor to help others who haven’t’ found their voice – yet.  She loves coffee, reading, Mother Nature, animals and a few other things too.  

Hello! My name is Tamra Wade I am the founder and president of Paper Hope. Paper Hope is an official Arizona based 501c3 dedicated to servicing women and girls. We provide life skill in the form of workshops, meet ups, round table, panel discussions and online goodness on our blog. No topic is off limits. Paper Hope helps women of all ages have the confidence to live authentic lives.