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Shopping Hacks

One and done!

How do you shop responsibly? How do you keep more money in your pocket?

Rio and I have compiled some information centered around concepts we learned in the documentary True Cost. We are forever changed in how we purchase. We are talking about:

How to combat fast fashion
Breaking the cycle of media fueled want
How to detox your wardrobe
What Paper Hope does to be a more responsible consumer

Stick around for some show bloopers and mic check antics. 🙂

Hello! My name is Tamra Wade I am the founder and president of Paper Hope. Paper Hope is an official Arizona based 501c3 dedicated to servicing women and girls. We provide life skill in the form of workshops, meet ups, round table, panel discussions and online goodness on our blog. No topic is off limits. Paper Hope helps women of all ages have the confidence to live authentic lives.

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